Happyness cannot be found in tomorrow

People seem to be chase luck in tomorrow, like the donkey running after the carrot on the stick in front him.

They plan the next holiday one year upfront, in the hope to be able to relax at least a bit and grasp the feeling of joy. This appears to me like a drop of water on a hot stone. It’s pointless.

The same goes for the 9/5 job.
We tend to stick to Jobs we don’t like just because we need money. We believe that it will buy us happiness or at least we can buy stuff we want. It’s a fact that most people where trained to be consumers. They are in a constant chase for the next iPhone or the newest fashion items. It’s a common believe, that it rounds up our personality or fills up the emptyness inside of us. But the opposite is the case.

Most people are so fed up and distracted by the media that they forgot to see the gift of now in anything that is. The beauty of a bird flying, or waves crashing on the coast.

They take everything as granted and talk themselves into thinking that they become happy if they get the next big promotion, finally become a millionaire or marry a supermodel.

Happiness can never be found in items of consumption or money or love. They can only be found in the little things. For example a smile, a nice gesture or long walk in Nature.

Learn to Let go

Learn to Let go

Whatever you wish to have, make yourself clear that you can never possess anyone or anything. Learning to let go is crucial to give space for growth. The more you learn to let go of what you want in life – but simultaneously do your best to keep it or attract it – the more it will come to you in full abundance.

You can see it like how to treatment of cats. The more you try to get their attention, the more they will turn away and the bigger the chance for you to get upset. But if you ignore the cat at times and let her come to you, the more often she will come to you.

Also, learning to let go is crucial, because clinging to something always keeps you trapped in the believe that you have to do literally anything to keep it or keep going on that track.

Whether it’s a partner, money, or friends.

If you give it space to evolve, and let go the higher are the chances that it will stick to you. In addition, anything that is supposed to stay in your life will stay. Anything else that does not can have valuable lessons for you to learn what is good for you and what is not.

Wake up and smile

Wake up and smile for the luxury of having a bed, some warm shelter, food in the fridge and clean water from the tap.

We can truly be thankful for what we have. Also, when you walk around in public with a smile you affect other people positivley and in fact that’s all you can do if you want to change something for good in this world.

Knowledge is King

People can convince you of anything, if you don’t know what they are talking about, as long as they sound authentic. So can the media, the publications, even your family. Whatever you do in life, don’t fall for the trap that your education from school or university and their degrees are enough to be educated.

If you fall into apathy or laziness of educating yourself, you will become very vulnerable and easy to manipulate because people can tell you anything they want.

Also, your brain is designed to learn and build a neuronal network. It is best to perform, when challenged at max every day. It needs to be trained just like a muscle in the gym. . Though, it’s not like a muscle.

If you don’t educate yourself, you risk to fall into daily routine and that’s where the downward spiral begins and makes you blind for the most obvious things.

Train your brain, constantly, every day and stay open minded. Do never take anything as granted and question everything. Even your own thoughts, they might not be yours.