I am responsible for everything that happens in my life – Daily Affirmations

Take over responsibility for everything that happens in your life and live in full self determination

We are the ones, who are the creators of our destiny. No one else. Every day we make over a hundred decisions that lead to a specific result in our lives. And what you experience today is the result of the uncountable decisions that you have once taken in your life.

Whether it’s leaving the bed untidy, not cleaning up the room for a couple of weeks, not changing the own life situation – knowing that we should do something – or simply say something that hurts a friend.

Everything we do requires a decision. Whether this happens on a conscious level or unconsciously. Most of the time we are governed by programs and believe systems. That determines our world view and the way we decide to behave within the realms of society.

Also it’s a lot about responsibility and self-determination. Don’t let anyone govern your life and rest assured that if you become aware of yourself, by self-reflection, you will realise that the world you see, hear, smell and feel is solely your reality and that this reality is based on what you believe in and focus on in your life.

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