I am responsible for everything that happens in my life – Daily Affirmations

Take over responsibility for everything that happens in your life and live in full self determination

We are the ones, who are the creators of our destiny. No one else. Every day we make over a hundred decisions that lead to a specific result in our lives. And what you experience today is the result of the uncountable decisions that you have once taken in your life.

Whether it’s leaving the bed untidy, not cleaning up the room for a couple of weeks, not changing the own life situation – knowing that we should do something – or simply say something that hurts a friend.

Everything we do requires a decision. Whether this happens on a conscious level or unconsciously. Most of the time we are governed by programs and believe systems. That determines our world view and the way we decide to behave within the realms of society.

Also it’s a lot about responsibility and self-determination. Don’t let anyone govern your life and rest assured that if you become aware of yourself, by self-reflection, you will realise that the world you see, hear, smell and feel is solely your reality and that this reality is based on what you believe in and focus on in your life.

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Spread the message of love

Spread the message of love

Due to the latest happenings in Berlin I decided to record a message worthwhile to spread. We are in such a negative world that it gets harder every day to focus on the positive.

In this video I talk about not letting yourself be drawn into negativity. Also the Media stated, right after the happening that it was a terror attack. Well, guess what, it was an assumption. Such news, simply sells well…

Where attention goes energy flows
Make sure to focus on the positive site. I mean, yes, 12 people are dead. But hey, it could have been worse. Also, this can be seen that we finally get encouraged to change something in this destructive system of modern slavery.

We have to focus on what we want and change our own lives. It’s so easy to see the negative and the flaws of this illusion called democracy. But the more you get angry about what you can’t change, the more energy you are giving it.

It’s just like taking care of your garden. You would not want to grow weed Rosebed, would you? I guess not; still you do, metaphorically spoken. Because by focusing on the negative you are not ripping out the weed.

You are watering it and cutting down the trunks of your roses instead. So focusing on the positive means to get rid of the weed once and for all and give water to your roses.

We have to change

Honestly, people, don’t be ignorant about the fact that what we are experiencing today is the fault of some baboons. These so called leaders have received your vote.

Because you trusted them and gave them your power. What we are experiencing today is a mere symptom of our own laziness to change something in our own lives.

If you want the world to change, start with yourself. That’s the only place to make change happen. Start by claiming back your power and take over full responsibility of your life.

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