Don’t fear to be loneley – You are never alone

Just as fishes are connected to each other through the water – which appears to be a great conductor – we are connected through air. In further detail, we are through every chain of molecules existing in it.

We breathe the same air, eat fruits from the same trees and even drink from the source of water. You are NEVER alone, even in your worst moments of life there will be someone to hold you.

If it’ss not external, physical, then for sure yourself, your inner voice and spiritual enteties that are guiding you though all your life.

We see less than there is because otherwise we would risk an overload of impressions. So always rest assured that you are never ever ever alone, as much as you want yourself be talked into it.

We were born to be leaders

We were born to be leaders

Most people look into the mirror and see the lion, but we have trained to see a sheep instead.

We learned to whinge about anything and everything, but not how to develop the guts to say what we think, do what feels good to us or live the life we desire.

Instead, we’ve been taught to shut up, follow the masses and behave upon certain rules the keep us small. We got stuck in our heads so badly, that we try to cope the emotional pain with drug abuse, excessive sex or or aggressive and destructive behavior.

Step up! Be the lion and become the leader you were born to be and live your dream life!! What are you waiting for?

Conquer your fears to experience an amazing life – vlog#1

Conquer your fears to experience an amazing life – vlog#1

Fears are there to be felt and there for a good reason. They have been programmed into our minds by teachers and society and we have never learned to deal with them. They are as natural as the need to sleep. Though, they can be conquered and once they are, the way is free for an amazing life.

Here’s what you have to do to over come fears in a nutshell

  • Challenge your fears every day! That means that you should do at least one thing a day where you feel uncomfortable, maybe approaching a stranger and ask him for the way or a girl and give her a random compliment
  • Practice the act of self-compassion every day
  • Make sure to find people that are less fearful than you are
  • Surround yourself with those, who encourage you to be brave
  • Build a big foundation of self-believe and have faith in yourself
  • Do whatever is necessary to grow
  • Be blindly honest to yourself
  • Do at least one thing that frightens you to death (For me it was base jumping)
  • Practice, practice, practice

If you think that you will have instant results tomorrow, forget it. If you thought so, did you ever saw trees bearing fruits after a couple of weeks or month? No? Exactly, you have to work hard and continuously on anything in life. It’s the same here, your brain needs time to rewire just as a tree needs time to spread his roots deep into the ground.

Give yourself A LOT time and make sure to be consistent. Don’t stop training, otherwise you risk falling back into the whole.