Conquer your fears to experience an amazing life – vlog#1

Conquer your fears to experience an amazing life – vlog#1

Fears are there to be felt and there for a good reason. They have been programmed into our minds by teachers and society and we have never learned to deal with them. They are as natural as the need to sleep. Though, they can be conquered and once they are, the way is free for an amazing life.

Here’s what you have to do to over come fears in a nutshell

  • Challenge your fears every day! That means that you should do at least one thing a day where you feel uncomfortable, maybe approaching a stranger and ask him for the way or a girl and give her a random compliment
  • Practice the act of self-compassion every day
  • Make sure to find people that are less fearful than you are
  • Surround yourself with those, who encourage you to be brave
  • Build a big foundation of self-believe and have faith in yourself
  • Do whatever is necessary to grow
  • Be blindly honest to yourself
  • Do at least one thing that frightens you to death (For me it was base jumping)
  • Practice, practice, practice

If you think that you will have instant results tomorrow, forget it. If you thought so, did you ever saw trees bearing fruits after a couple of weeks or month? No? Exactly, you have to work hard and continuously on anything in life. It’s the same here, your brain needs time to rewire just as a tree needs time to spread his roots deep into the ground.

Give yourself A LOT time and make sure to be consistent. Don’t stop training, otherwise you risk falling back into the whole.